“Where you come from will always be a source of inspiration.”

Temara Fletcher, 2020 grad speech

Hello! Welcome to my “blog”. Honestly I’m not really sure what direction this will go in yet, but thank you for taking the time to stop by. Whether by some twist of fate or a shameless self promo on Instagram, I’m glad you’re here.

My name is Temara. I could tell you a little bit about me (and by a little bit I mean it will turn into a tangent) but I think I’ll just give you the rundown instead. Let’s not even bother with middle school. Not very memorable. High school was where it all changed. I just wanted to be involved in different organizations. Originally, to be real, I had to start thinking about what I was going to put on my college applications. But then I began to find myself and things I enjoyed… and things that I definitely didn’t like. So I was in a few clubs, some campus orgs, you know the drill. But two of the best choices I made in high school turned out to be two of the most impactful. I joined track and field my freshman year and student government and cross country my sophomore year. They both came with their highs and lows. I learned a lot of things about myself and others as well through my time in student government and the opportunities I gained from it. It encouraged a lot of growth over the next three years. However, I want to tell you about how running changed my life. Sound a bit dramatic? Allow me to explain.

This sport did so much for me: it taught me lessons and gave me so much in return. It showed me a community and so many great things from my hometown to its connections worldwide. There’s so much I could say about it and I hope you’ll check back here often for updates and posts about my thoughts, experiences, and where I am now.

I am now a first year student at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Leadership and this sport were significant parts of my application. I know they were because they played huge roles in who I am today. I went from a meek and shy girl to a strong and confident young woman. So where do I stand today? I’m not running for my [Division 1] school and I’m not currently a part of a club team. I’m making the transition from competitive student-athlete to just… student. It’s a big lifestyle change for me but I want to ensure that I continue to incorporate health and fitness.

I hope you come back to learn more about me, my journey, and just to see the fun things I hope to add to my site in the future!